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    Bug? Attached MovieClip under Mask disappears

    Harry Kunz Level 4

      I posted this in Kirupa but unfortunately i did not receive any response from the community for 4 days now. I'm thinking perhaps somebody here can answer my long awaited explanation for this bug or phenomenon. I have a shape animation on the timeline from one keyframe to the next (3 keyframes). There is an orange movieclip under that mask with instance name "container". Now if i attempt to attach a movieclip to it at runtime, it will automatically get removed when it reaches the 2nd shape tween keyframe. Please see the simple demo i attached. All my code is in frame 1. Isn't that illogical? I know it works if i place it into a movieclip. I need an explanation to this (if its a bug) and a workaround other than repetitively attaching it from frame to frame.