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    Bridge Preview quality is not sharp and is blurred compared to PSE win


      I've been using a Mac for a couple of years but to date have been running PSE 4 on Windows but I migrated this to my Mac so have been running under VMWare Fusion.  This has been working great and allowed me to get up to speed with Macs gradually.


      Now that PSE 8 for Mac is out, I thought I'd give this a try and bite the bullet and swap over to running PSE on the Mac. So now I see that I need to use Adobe Bridge CS4 to manage my photos, keywords, collections etc, as see that there's no 'catalog' in the Bridge - no big deal.


      Previously I use 'PSE 4 Win' to run a full screen slide show and sometimes connect my Mac to my plasma TV via PC VGA connector.  I was always amazed at the quality of the photos on both Mac full screen and TV.


      Now I getting to know Bridge slowly and love the PSE 8 for Mac, however the Full Screen Preview (or Slideshow) quality initially looks acceptable but on closer inspection and directly comparing the rendering in 'PSE4 Win' with 'Bridge MAC' the latter is more blurred on the edges and the colors look more natural in the PSE4 Win.


      I have tried right clicking the photo and 'Purge cache for selection' and looked through Preferences and did try enabling software rendering, and re-started but no difference.  So now I love the new software but can't ignore the poor quality rendering.  PSE8 on the Mac the quality looks better than Brdige (although colors still not that natural), AFAIK know PSE8 Mac can't be used as a full screen slideshow (I can't even find a full screen option)


      I running a MacBook Pro new Aluminium for Nov 2008. So just to restate both apps are Mac and Windows are running on same Macbook.


      I have attached screen grabs from both (look at the edges of grass where it meets water)  - these are at fit to screen resolution (which is what I'd use for a slideshow or full screen peview).


      The photo is a JPEG 4.03 MB, 3840 x 2160 , res 72 ppi,  application: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.