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    saving a project to re edit

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      Hello all.

      Iam currently running CS4 Production Premium and I have made a couple of videos through Premier Pro, onto Encore then succesfully burned to disc. I have a couple of the classroom in a book, books but none of them tell me how to save my project once I have burned it, so that I can re open Premiere Pro or Encore to re edit it for practice. I have tried a couple of ways, save as, save a copy but when I go back into Encore or Premiere Pro it either shows as ofline it is corupted or when I click on the saved project it says format not supported. The cam corder used to shoot the footage was a  Panasonic HDC HS9 AVCHD. The file format is .mts I have included a photo of Prem Pro layout hope it helps.I can use the media link but I have to link each individual clip


      P.S. That's crap sorry.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Relinking all at once:

          Select all clips in the same folder in the project window, right click on the first and choose link media. Find the link and hit ok.


          Copy the whole CIB dvd to the harddrive and save your practice-project into that folder. This way it all stays together.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For the first part of your question, explore the Project Manager. It will allow you to "archive" your Projects for later editing. There are several settings, and I would suggest going to Help>Project Manager, to get the full description, and use for each of the settings.


            I think that Ann has addressed the latter part of the question.


            Also, you can use the Prt Sc (Print Screen) button to do a screen-cap of the display on your monitor [Note: on my laptop, that is Ctrl+Prt Sc key), and then open that screen-cap from the Clipboard into an image processing program, like PS. That will be easier than shooting the monitor, and will give much better detail, without the curvature of the monitor, or highlights/reflections.


            Good luck,



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              5teve.c Level 1

              Thanks for the info that worked fine. Is there a way to save my project so that when I open it, it is there to edit imediately with out having to use the media link first to re establish the video clips.


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                Thanks for the advise on bothe parts.I am reading the help menu from top to bottom. As for the print screen thanks didn't think of that.


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                  The secret to that would be to Move the entire structure to the exact location, that the Project was in originally.


                  The Project file is an XML database of links and instructions. Those links are determined by the location that the media Assets occupied, when you built the Project. What happens, when the Assets are later elsewhere is that those links no longer work, as PrPro expects, but it does allow you to re-establish the links, and will even help you, but auto re-linking Assets in the same folder. If you have more than one folder, you WILL need to repeat this re-linking process for each folder.


                  The same can happen, if one migrates Projects between separate computers with an external HDD. If that external gets a different drive letter, on another computer, re-linking will be required to match that drive letter. This is why most on this forum strongly suggest setting the drive letter to the same, in the OS of each computer. I started with Z:\ and worked backward with each external HDD, i.e. Y"\, X:\, W:\, etc.


                  Good luck,