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    PPCS4 definitely better in 64 bit O.S.

    Giorgio1957 Level 3

      Hi guys,

      probably it will sound as the "hot water discover" but I want all the members know that Premiere Pro runs wonderfully with Win7 64 bit and 8 Gb RAM.

      Ram run, in 32bit, around 1,9 Gb but now it's everytime close to 4: it means that 32bit O.S. brakes a bit the application.

      Several effects that crashed PP just when I applied (NeatVideo "in primis"), now run without problems.

      I had to say also I use mainly HD Sony videocam .MTS files.

      What do I say: I'm in heaven and I wish many of you will do the same just if you could.

      Processing times half longer.

      No fear if you'll see the application put in Program files x86 (32 bit) and not in Program Files x 64.

      Update shouldn't be a big trouble 'cause Vista and 7 are supplied with 32 and 64 bit operating system.

      I thank a lot Huntrex for having given me the last push to re-format everything and pass to 64bit.

      Hope this will help.