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    100% scaling problem with datagrid

    nikos101 Level 2

      I have a situation where I have an AdvancedDataGrid in an hbox . I have a checkbox called scrollTable that changes the width of the AdvancedDataGrid


      <mx:HBox height="100%" id="gridWrap" width="100%" >

                              deals.width = 2200;
                              deals.percentWidth = 100;


      Everything is contained in a panel with a fixed width set by the user. The behaviour I want is for just the hbox to have scroll bars when the AdvancedDataGrid  is given a size of 2200 , not the outer containing panel to get scrollbars and the hbox expanding inside the panel. I suspect that the problem is because the hbox has 100%, which is what I need because the user can resize the panel.


      Hope someone can help