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    Motion tweened object wiped off screen in fullscreen but remains on screen in closeup, please help?


      Hi there!


      I'm new to Adobe Flash CS4. I'm making an animation of some fish underwater. I have 2 small fish motion tweened to follow a large fish from left to right.


      When I view the animation in full screen the small fish seem to be wiped off the screen at a certain point. The tween box continues to follow it's path but the symbol disappears. This only seems to happen with larger objects.


      When i export the animation, the problem persists.


      Any help with this would be very much appreciated.



      Size 1920 by 1080 px

      Adobe action script 3.0


      See below for screen shots!


      Many thanks,

      Long Shot Small fish ok.jpg

      (above) Full screen, but zoomed in on this screen capture, everything ok.



      Long Shot small fish get cut off.jpg

      (above) Full screen, but zoomed in on this screen capture, fish cut off


      When zoomed in on same frame, fish are ok!.jpg

      (above) but when i zoom in on the image in Flash, the fish are still there!