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    _lockroot and components

    DJ_James Level 1
      I'm developing couresware with flash that imports information from an XML file and displays it on a "frame". It will load in media files dynamically (swf, flv, jpg, etc...)

      Some of the swf files we're importing have components in them and we use a _lockroot = true; to lock the root of the file.

      Sometimes, on the first try, it works great, but then when you "refresh" the screen, it won't work. This just re-loads all the data on the screen.

      When you go to the next slide, it breaks the functionality of the new swf file thats been loaded, but after refreshing THAT screen, it works fine.

      Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

      If you want to see what I'm talking about, click here: http://development.creativedynamix.net/FPMI/coursetest/CSO_LR0001_CBT/CSO_LR0001_CBT.html