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      Posted on here a couple of weeks ago with no joy to solving my problem and was hoping to give it a second go


      I would like a preloader at the beginning of my Flash slideshow and have watched a tutorial on using a Fireworks one. No problem in making and inserting the preloader from Fireworks into my Flash libary then onto the stage but for some reason when I test the screen the preloader flickers and the slideshow does not start, it is as if the preloader is jamed and the slideshow cant start???

      My slideshow starts on frame2 so I place the preloader in frame1.


      I am planning to make the flash slideshow on the first page of my site slightly larger so would really like a preloader.

      You can see my swf on http://www.jazconsultancy.co.uk


      If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful