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    Bug of Flash CS4 with option "Copia Movimento" !

    Horsepower0171 Level 1

      Dear users,

      I have installed the entire Suite CS4 Master Collection in ITALIAN Language. I have a Bug with FlashCS4 Professional.

      I have one PC with WindowsXPProx32Bit with FlashCS4 version 10.0;

      and another PC Core2Quad Q9650 with WindowsXPProx64Bit with FlashCS4 updated version 10.0.2.


      I receive the same error when I try to copy-paste the interpolation of motion from one object to another.


      - I made one rectangle; created one Keyframe at frame 0, created another keyframe at frame 10 and moved the rectangle to the bottom.

      - Created the "Classic Interpolation" (translated in italian as "Crea Interpolazione Classica") from frame 0 to frame 10.

      - I created one Circle object; created one Keyframe at frame 10 and another keyframe at frame 20:

      - Selected the motion frames interpolated of the rectangle from frame 0 to 10 > Right Click with mouse > Selected the Option "Copy Motion" (translated as "Copia Movimento");


      But when I perform this "Copia Movimento" action, it appears the following message:


      "Si sono verificati i seguenti errori Javascript:

      Alla righa 2 del file "CopyMotion.jsfl":

      TypeError: file is not a function."


      This is a BUG !

      It appears over my x64Bit installation machine (FlashCS4 updated v.10.0.2) and also over my second x32Bit installation machine (FlashCS4 v.10.0)!


      1) How can I do to solve this issue?


      Another doubt that I have:


      I know the right-click command "Crea Intepolazione Forma" (Shape Interpolation).



      2) What are the differencies between the first right-click option menu "Crea Interpolazione Movimento" and the third option manu "Crea Interpolazione Classica" ?

      I have used "Crea Intepolazione Classica" for my test, to make an interpolation with the arrow over the frames in timeline.

      3) The option "Crea Interpolazione Movimento" what is it?

      - On Flash CS3 this option doesn't appear at all!


      Many thanks at all that response to my problem!