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    Stop Flash Loop; Flash>Dreamweaver>Browser

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      Please forgive my novice question. I am trying to get a Flash movie I created to stop looping in my browser AFTER loading it into Dreamweaver. Here's what I've tried:

      a) Place an AS3 "Stop();" at the end of the action script for the file (in Flash CS4).

      b) Publish with "Loop" in HTML tab unchecked.

      c) Open the tandem created .html file in my browser (Firefox)......and the movie plays then stops as hoped

      d) Open Dreamweaver CS4

      e) Import the swf file into a blank HTML page and Save the file.

      f) Test the document in my browser. Movie plays, but the movie continues to loop.


      So my question is, as mentioned above, how can I stop the movie from looping after it's embedded in my web page in Dreamweaver? Is this a Dreamweaver 'problem' rather than a Flash one? The DW help file says to use Flash to control the loop............................frank


      PC Quad/Win7/Flash CS4

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          Thanks to David Karlins for the answer. It was indeed some Dreamweaver settings, not Flash's.


          In Dreamweaver:

          After you’ve inserted the Flash (SWF) object, you do most of your formatting with the Property inspector:

          • Use the Loop and Autoplay check boxes to enable (or disable) looping (repeating) or autoplay (animation plays when a page is loaded). The V Space and H Space fields allow you to define vertical (V) and/or horizontal (H) spacing between the Flash movie and other objects on the page.
          • The Quality pop-up menu lets you compress the Flash file (choose Low) for faster downloading and lower quality.
          • In the Scale pop-up menu, the Default setting maintains the original height-to-width ratio of the original animation (that is, it prevents the animation from being distorted) when the Flash object is resized. On the other hand, the Exact Fit option in the Scale pop-up menu enables you to stretch the animation horizontally or vertically if you change the original height and/or width.
          • Use the Align pop-up menu to align the Flash object left or right, so text flows around the animation.