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    Application Bar Maddness in FireWorks

    Donok Level 1

      Hello --


      (I have posted this issue before and never solved this - is no one else seeing this?)


      I have removed FW prefs and un/reinstalled CS4Pro (Mac), threw out all Adobe prefs and still I am getting incredibly bizzare Applications Bar issues.  Everytime I open a file, the Title Bar of the file is pushed up behind the Applications Bar - to the top-left of the available screen.  I have to cycle Windows > Use Application Frame off and on, until the window(s) come back in cascading view.  The Application Frame tabs only works if I have one file open - if I open a second file, I get a completely impossible window with the Title Bar tucked under the Mac's Menu Bar (see attached image). Cycling through Use Application Frame gets the Title Bar back.  Weird, right?




      Thanks, Don