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    Reader 9.3 Install fails due to Old, Unused IE version

    G. P. Burdell

      I just tried to install Adobe Reader 9.3 (after removing 7.0.1) on Win2K Pro SP4Upd1.
      I have not used IE for years, but V 5.5 SP2 is still on the machine.


      Installation unpacked, immediately posted the following message, and terminated:

      This version of Internet Explorer is not supported. You should upgrade Internet Explorer to version 6.0.2600.0 and run setup again. Setup will now terminate.

      I use Firefox and, occasionally, Opera or Amaya. I do not want any updated IE on the machine.


      Can someone point me to a workaround that that does not in involve upgrading IE? Perhaps a CLI option to run the installation manually after extracting the five Reader 9.3\Setup Files files from the downloaded exe (which I have already done).