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    Repeater component data binding

    John Hall Level 4

      I have a repeater that repeats a custom component:


      <mx1:Repeater id="addressParts"




                          <components:Address left="144"








      visually it works fine however I'm trying to find out how to bind particular data of the dataprovider inside the repeated component. In other words, inside the repeated component, how could I do something along the lines of


          <s:TextInput text = "{myHostRepeater.dp.getItemAt(repeaterIndex)}"/>


      if that makes sense.



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          John Hall Level 4

          As so often happens when I post a question, I figured it out immediately after submitting. I'd spent an hour on it and it's amazing how pressing

          the submit button so often unblocks my mind.


          Hey, maybe if we asked all world leaders to click submit buttons, do you think..... oh, never mind.