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    bug in LR3 beta SDK

    Vladimir Vinogradsky Level 1

      I know, I know, LR3 is still in beta and nothing has been finalized yet...

      Anyway, there appears to be a bug in LrDate and I thought I better pass this info along so it doesn't sneak in the released product.


      local year, month, day

      year = 2010

      month = 1

      day = 19

      local timestamp = LrDate.timeFromComponents(year, month, day, 0, 0, 0)

      local formattedDate = LrDate.timeToUserFormat(timestamp , "%b %e, %Y")


      This simple back-and-forth conversion assigns "Jan 18, 2010" to formattedDate. The cocoa timestamp value is 285552000, which is the correct value for Jan 19, 2010, so the issue appears to be with the timeToUserFormat function.