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    Something wrong with Asrock X58 mobo for i7 920 ?

    reteb Level 1

      In the PPBM4 benchmarks I see a myriad various mobo's ( the top results dominated by Asus P6T ).

      I wonder why not a single Asrock X58 board shows up on the list.


      According to tests ( e.g. Tom's, Anand ) even de the cheapest Asrock X58 " Extreme " board overclocks an i7 920 at least as good as the P6T (  Asrock X59 " Extreme" 's CPU-Z marks over 4600 i.e. 21 x 220 ).


      I guess there is a good reason for the absence of this board on the PPBM4 list.

      But which ?


      I am so curious, since I didn't decide as yet which mobo to buy for the i7 920.


      Thanks for enlightening.


      BTW : the mobo should only run Pr CS3 / AE CS3, my only concern is fastest mpeg2 encoding thru AME.

      Not any other bell or whistle on the mobo is needed.