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    Timeline, clip, viewer, indicator


      I used to use Final Cut in school, but after I got my new imac, i got creative suite production cs4 because i got an 80% discount.


      For alot of the things I do while editing, I need to see markers in the timeline, on the clips.  I know that I have to open the clips i want to mark in the viewer and add them from there.  I think it was the same in Final Cut though I don't remember so it's not important.


      So here is my problem.  For this particular project, i need to find places to mark while reviewing the project in the timeline, and I need those markers to be on the clips.  But when I open the clip in the viewer from the timeline, the time indicator is not in the same place as the timeline.  This is a huge pain because it means I have to find that spot again which is not only time consuming, but more difficult because i don't hear the soundtrack on these clips.  (I'm making a music/movie sync).  This is something that final cut did and it became a vital part of my editing style.


      Is there a way to open a clip from the timeline with the indicator in the same spot when it enters the viewer?


      Thank you for your help.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You can add clip markers to a clip instance when it is in use in a sequence; just make sure that the clip instance is selected in the Timeline panel. You'll notice that without a clip instance selected, you can't use the Marker > Set Clip Marker commands, but with a clip selected and the CTI positioned over the selected clip, those commands become available.


          You can also map clip (and sequence) marker commands to your preferred keyboard keys; just head to Edit > Keyboard Customization to do so.

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            flavadav Level 1

            Ok, wow that is simple.  And very helpful.  this will help me  do what I'm trying to do.


            The marker problem is solved, but for future reference, is there a way to set the time indicator in the viewer to where it is on the instance in the timeline?

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Unfortunately, this can't be done very easily. Using the Match Frame command syncs up the frame you're parked on in the Timeline with the same frame in the Source Monitor, but it uses the Master Clip and not the clip instance you're using in the sequence--and that's probably not what you're after.


              However, you could try this:


              1. Close all master clips and clip instances in the Source Monitor by clicking up where it says "Source:" and selecting "Close All"
              2. In the Timeline panel, move the CTI to the head frame of the clip you want to work on. Double-click it to load that instance into the Source Monitor.
              3. Without moving either the Timeline CTI or the Source Monitor CTI, click the flyout menu button in the Source Monitor (it's the stack of four lines with the downward-pointing triangle in the upper right corner of the panel), and select "Gang Source and Program". Now, the CTI in the Source Monitor will move in lock step with the CTI in the Program Monitor/Timeline panel. As long as you didn't move either of the CTIs, they will reference the same frame in both the Source Monitor and Timeline.


              You will, of course, have to reset this for each clip you want to work on in the timeline.