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    Need help adding image to datagrid column




      Can anyone tell me how to add an image to a datagrid column?


      I have created a flex library project which contains a mxml component with a datagrid, an item renderer mxml component which rendered the image within the datagrid column depending on the value coming back from the database for that column and a folder 'assets' which hold all the images. When I add the library to my main project and call the mxml component with the datagrid an image place holder is visible in the datagrid column but not the image. However, if I take the image out of the library project and added to an 'assets' folder in the main project the image is displayed in the datagrid column.


      It looks like, even though the images are in the flex library project and only the flex library project is trying to display the images in the datagrid, the library project is looking in the main application project folder for the image.


      Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?



      Thanks in advance for an help,