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    Boombox and explosion text effect. How?


      Hi everyone. I'm trying to make an introduction for videos my friends and I will be making.

      We want the name of our clan to appear, have soundwaves coming from the name as if it were a boombox, then have it explode.

      How can we do this?

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Depending on your familiarity with After Effects, you may want to go here, and study the links below the "Getting Started" header.

          After you get a good feel for the software, and how to use it, you can search for (using the search field found on that very same page):

               -audio waveform effect

               -stock explosion footage


          After learning the basics, you'll be able to composite your stock explostion over your logo, and make a decent open.


          Also check out this page on Todd's blog. It's pretty much a more detailed and very helpful synopsis of the suggestions above.


          That should keep you busy for awhile. If you don't like what you find as far as stock footage is concerned, you can look into the "Shatter" effect.

          Using Shatter effectively requires a good bit more knowledge of the software and animation in general in order to achieve a convincing result.

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            robohug Level 1

            Thank you so much for reply. That was some very helpful information, and it should be able to keep me busy for some time.