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    Toc doesn't work


      When I generate a webhelp project, and I click on a book in the TOC, the topic doesn't show and the book doesn't open.

      Thanks for your support
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi chantel_40 and welcome to the RH community. Can you provide us with more more detail please so we can help you. Does the problem occur on different PCs? If so, do they use the same browser (both application and version)? Is this as simple as having the RH project set to have to double click to open a TOC book? Come back and we'll see if we can help more.
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            chantal_40 Level 1
            Hi Colum, thank you for your response

            Hear more details : I have a trial version of RoboHelp and Internet Explorer 6.0 sp2. The problem occurs only on my PC (I did not test it anywhere else). I tried to double click and nothing happened. There is one book that is working correctly : the first one that is in the first level folder. (I have other topic in a first level folder that doesn't work properley) However, if I a click on the index tab and choose a topic, and then select the content tab, the book is now opened and I can browse into the entire sequence.

            Does that help you find a solution?


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              chantal_40 Level 1
              Hello again...

              Finally I discorver (with the Toc Report tool) that the links of each book were broken...

              I fixe the bug. Thanks you for your support!