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    Full Res won't show with lights (CS4)


      Hi all,


      I'm having a problem with viewing anything in Full Res on my comp.  It's an average 3D scene with 2 lights and a series of layers which make up a car park structure with pillars, each casting shadows. I have no problem with it if the lights are off, but as soon as I turn them on, the display just stops changing in full res view.  It works in half res.  Any help would be appreciated.


      My specs are:


      32bit Vista

      CPU: 3.0 Ghz Intel Quad core duo

      RAM: 4Gb DDR3

      GPU: Dual Nvidia GTX 280


      Open GL is off

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          If you render out a segment of your timeline at full rez to a file, does it play back correctly (trying to see if it's only a preview issue)?


          Also, buy some more RAM! Read this atricle on Todd Kopriva's blog about core-to-RAM guidelines.


          You can buy RAM at sites such as Crucial.com and help open up some of your computing potential. It may even have something to do with your preview issue, possibly.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Composition --> Composition Settings --> Advanced Tab --> Shadow Map Size. I dare a guess that you are using huge layers and the default shadow map size (= comp size) exhausts al lyour memory, so it never actually renders.



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              Raifenna123 Level 1

              Thanks Mylenium, seems i needed an update anyway, I have a habit of postponing them.  Problem seems fixed now anyway, but whilst we're on the subject of shadow maps, how much is reducing the shadow map size likely to affect the quality of the image?  I'm working with R3D footage at 2048 x1024, do you think I can get away with reducing the shadow map by half to save on performance, or is it going to make everything look a little crappy?


              Cheers for both your help!

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                No general recipe here. Shadow map quality (at least the perceived one) is greatly influenced by the projection distance, i.e. how far the light is away from the layer, as well as the glancing angle. At flat angles crude maps even often look better because they produce less vertiacal aliasing, but of course they look soft and blocky when viewed straight on. In any case try to keep them as small as you can. in some situations you may also get better results by using extra lights with smaller maps and placing them strategically. And of course don't forget the good old fake techniques using corner pins to warp layers, the Radial Shadow and Drop Shadow effects. In your specific case it may also help to convert the RED files to a different format. From my own limited experimentation and comments from others I can't help but feel that the conversion itself is not particularly memory friendly. Using a different intermediate format may free up just the few megabytes you need...



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                  Raifenna123 Level 1

                  Thanks very much for your help, I'll try putting your suggestions into action!