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    Serious error in Premiere Pro 1.5


      Although just started using Premiere CS4, 1.5 has served me well for many years and I am still using it to complete a few projects.


      I have recently placed a jpeg file on one of my timelines which Premiere didn't seem to like and threw up the "Adobe Premiere Pro has encountered an error" followed by "[\dev\starsky\Backend\Src\Sequence\LinkContainer.cpp-266]".  When I attempt to select the file to delete it the program crashes displaying the "Sorry  a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere to shut down" warning.


      I have deleted the offending file from my hard drive but again when I attempt to move the file marker from the timeline it crashes.  I have also linked this marker to a file that Premiere is happy with in other timelines but I cannot do anything with the original timeline that contains many hours of work.  If I attemp to select all files except the offending jpeg to paste to another timeline, Premiere crashes.


      Please can anyone suggest a solution.


      Many thanks

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          Welcome to the forum.


          One thought would be to create a JPEG in PS, that matches the Frame Size of your Project/Sequence. Note that PS has Presets for Video Projects, like NTSC 720x480 Standard (4:3). It does not make any difference what is in that image - could be just black. Now, do a Save_As and choose the destination folder of that offending JPEG, and name it exactly the same. Try Opening your Project. Does PrPro now Open it OK?


          If not, create a New Project, that matches the original. Import the original Project into it. Does PrPro now Open it OK?


          For setting up my computer, and especially for an editing session, I use the tips in this ARTICLE. There could be resource issues, that are getting in the way of this Project Opening.


          Good luck, and let us know what works for you,



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