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    Creating Cross-References in an InDesign Tags file


      I am tyring to create cross-refs to images in a tagged text file. Typically this will be used to create references like "See our display ad on Page n". I have studied the tags documentation and I can see how to create the cross-reference tag but I can't see how to link the tag to the appropriate image. If I create a test document, insert a couple of pictures, and add cross-references to those pictures, when I export the text to a tagged text file it refers to the pictures as, for example, "<HyperlinkDest:Anchor>" and "<HyperlinkDest:Anchor 2>". But I can't see how to specify exactly which image "<HyperlinkDest:Anchor>" refers to - there doesn't appear to be an "anchor" tag around the picture tp identify it.


      So how does this work?