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    I've duplicated a state 6 times. Can't edit each scrolling text box seperatly. Why?

    Finook Level 1

      When I try to edit text from duplicated states it makes changes to all the scrolling text boxes in each state. In short everything is inherited. What I want to do is: Duplicate a state 6 times, with all it's graphics and finite positions, and make text edits to each state seperately. Think of it as a kind of template if you will.


      Mr. HX has had this similar issue with copying scroll bars from one state to another. When he copied the scrolll bar from state 1 to state 2, and attempted to edit state 2's scroll bar, state 1 became edited as well. This happens automatically. All the scroll bars inherit the same length from any state in the project.



      Adobe thanks for expanding my mind.



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          Nate B. Level 2

          Hi Jim, two-part answer,

          When you edit the ScrollPanel in any state via Edit-In-Place, what you're editing is the definition for the scrollpanel.  It's analagous linking to an image from many webpages.  You can make the font and text vary for how the link looks on each page, but they all point to the same image once clicked.


          To use different instances of your ScrollPanel in Fc, duplicate it in the library panel, then edit the definition/content for each instance.

          Unfortunately in Beta2, we had a bug where duplicated components wouldn't duplicate all the sub-parts (like the Scrolling Content part in a ScrollPanel or the buttons in a skinned scrollbar).  So in this build, you'll probably need to duplicate your component, edit it in place,  then delete your Scrolling Content part and recreate it with the updated content you want to use in a particular state.


          I suspect this is the root cause of the problem Mr. HX was seeing, too.  We've fixed the bug so it will work correctly for release.


          Hope I conveyed this clearly,


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            Finook Level 1

            I'm sorry but either

            I didn't do it right or I don't have it clear.Here's what I have:


            1. Page1 and Page2



            1. Has a ScrollPanel3 [ double click it and you get ScrollingContent6
            2. Page1 has no library items for ScrollPanel3 or ScrollingContent6



            ==Same as above.


            I'm not sure what to start duplicating. For kicks I tried duplicating a layer. It was called, "Text" by Catalyst. This just kept doing the inheritance thing. Even if I turned the eyeball on and off. I even duplicated the "Text" layer in both pages then deleted it from the ones I didn't want it on. That didn't work. The inheritance thing just kept applying. But you already described that.


            So, to make a long story short, I'm still not clear on the steps and I think it's because I'm not understanding your terms. Would you mind stepping it out for me in a different way?


            I sincerely appreciate you trying to help. Wish I understood better. I'll wait for your reply and try again.




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              Finook Level 1

              Hey there,


              We'll I've had no luck. I've been able to duplicate the panel and move it to different positions. ISo I know the panel can be moved independant of other pages. I've deleted the text box from each instance. Then made new text boxes for each instance. Unfortunately the text box edits in one affect them all. Regardless if you make a new box or use a copied box.


              But maybe it's just me not understanding the steps.



              Thanks anyways. I'll just have to make a bunch of new projects and link to their absolute URL. This is a drag but the only way.






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                Nate B. Level 2

                Jim, I gave you an incorrect answer for the build you're using.  Sorry about that.  Here's the workaround I found in beta2 (depending on how complex your scrolling text box is, it may just be easier to create a new one for each state):


                1.  After you have your 1st Scroll Panel all set up, go to the Library Panel (tab next to the Layers panel)

                2.  Expand the custom components header and use the context menu to Duplicate your ScrollPanel and its corresponding ScrollingContent

                3.  Drag the new copy of your ScrollPanel to the artboard and edit it in place

                4.  If it exists, select the ScrollingContent in the LAYERS panel and use the trash can icon to delete it.  Otherwise go to the next step

                5.  Drag your ScrollingContent copy you made from the LIBRARY panel onto the artboard (note that you should still be in edit-in-place) and assign it as the Scrolling Content part

                6.  Edit in place the Scrolling Content and make your text changes (and while you're there, you can delete that pesky "Add More Content Here" item..)

                7.  Exit all the way out of EIP


                You should have two similar but distinct scrollpanels now.  Not an easy process, but it does work around this beta 2 bug.

                If you use this method to duplicate your ScrollPanels, then it's best to make duplicates of the same original panel each time (otherwise you end up with more and more of the "Add More Content Here" text...


                I hope this hasn't caused you too much irritation.