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    Why can I not get all my text on a path to display?




      I seem to be having a lot of difficulty with something I thought would be rather easy. I have drawn an outline of Missouri, and I want to put text around the out side. I have drawn another path, a little smoother so that the text remains readable. Then I select the Type on a Path tool and start typing. The problem is that I never seem to make it all the way around. At some point it always refuses to display the rest of the text, and it gives me the little red plus sign that signifies some more text is there but not displayed. Why?


      If I start taking anchor points out, eventually I can see it all, but once I add them back, so that it retains the desired contour, it disappears again. It isn't even close to not fitting around, there is plenty of space left on the path. I've looked at the Type on a Path options, but there doesn't seem to be anything there that will help.


      Any ideas about why this is happening?