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    Send information to file on server

      Hi, I'm working on a sort of Message board for my site. I'd like to add functionality to it by letting users submit information such as Title, Name, Subject, Link and Message in addition to logging the date it was submitted.

      I need the information to be sent to an rdf file on my server and to be added at the very bottom of the file. Is this possible?

      How could I set up this kind of functionality? It seems a bit complicated to me because I also need the data written into a specific format... Here is an example of what I need added to the rdf file:

      <title>Title Goes Here</title>
      <link>Link In Here</link>
      <description>Message Goes Here</description>
      <dc:subject>The Subject Here</dc:subject>
      <dc:creator>Name of User Here</dc:creator>
      <dc:date>Log Date Here</dc:date>

      After being submitted successfully, can I automatically refresh the message board within my flash page?

      Thanks for your time!