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    arrow keys not working in illustartor

    magritte Level 1



      I am working on Illustrator on Mac 10.5.8 and I use a lot the arrow keys(page up,page down) with combination with shift, but suddenly they stop working,that happens only in illustrator,if i want to use them to scroll on a web page they work fine.


      so i was wondering what happend,and how can i fix that?



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          There are several programs that can interfere with the use of the shift key and several other keys, like certain versions of Entourage and Quicken.


          but the arrow keys I do not recall being an issue.


          What you can try is to go to Users/Username/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator (version number) Settings folder and thras that folder first quitting Ilustrator.


          Or if that is not working see if you create a new user account and log into that aaccount and see if the problem still exist if not then there is probably a conflict of somekind you will do best then to do a search on the forum or google for Arrow keys do not work in your version of Illustrator


          youy should always give more information lkike what version of AI or if you have plug ins or installed new fonts or plug ins or other software or updates.

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            JanelS5 Level 1

            I just looked in Google for the answer to this too.  I tried to nudge an object and nothing happened.  Well my problem was in Preferences - General - Keyboard Increment had somehow been set to zero.  I put in 1 px and it's back to normal now  :-)

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              leigh annd21117686 Level 1

              Thank you so much your solution for arrow keys not working did the trick. The apple store meant well and they are usually awesome but misinformed me in one to one saying my computer did not have the capacity to make the arrow keys work. I tried the solutions suggested from several posts including command alt shift at opening of Illustrator to command P + R . None of those solutions worked. Your solution did. Thank you!