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    very weird problem

      I'm using director MX 2004 to create an interactive CD while working in this cd something weird happened every image that have push button behavior doesn't appear when I play the movie (this happened suddenly these images were displayed and working very well) I don't know what happen
      Please Help Me it's very urgent
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          There are a number of possible for causes for this symptom:

          * You may have moved the regPoint of the button bitmap so that the button now displays off-stage or under another sprite. To solve this, open the button in the Paint window, and select the regPoint (sight) tool.
          * You may have copied and pasted the bitmaps from one cast slot to another, where the Push Button behavior cannot find them. To solve this, select a button sprite then open the Property Inspector at the Behaviors tab, then double-click on the Push Button behavior. Reselect the bitmap images that you want to use.
          * ...