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    Full Screen Viewing


      Hi, I'm a new user and first time poster.


      I'm using Adobe Captivate 4 to create some tutorial videos for some desktop software. I've recorded and annotated the screencasts in HD resolution (1280x720). The videos are going to appear on our product's website. The website is not wide enough to house the video at it's full size. What I would like to do is have the video displayed at an appropriate width for the website (940px). I would really like a "Full Screen" button to appear on the player, in a similar way to say YouTube, Vimeo or VideoPress.


      How to I do it?





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          Hi Tim


          From what I understand, YouTube accepts several video formats, but upon upload they all get converted to Flash Video (FLV) files. So what you see from YouTube is a FLV format that is presented at one size and the player controls allow you to view a higher resolution size.


          If this is the route you wish to take, you need to understand that Captivate will not produce an FLV. However, you do have an option to try and produce an AVI. You could then load the AVI on YouTube, allow it to convert to FLV and stream it from YouTube as if it were on your site.


          Note, however, that this method assumes your video is not interactive in any way. So if you are creating simulations or have any quizzing going on, this won't work in any streaming format such as FLV.


          When Captivate publishes the output files, it typically creates an HTML page to present the movie. So another possibility is to forego the YouTube bit and host the movie on your own site. Then configure your page that displays the Captivate movie to present it at a smaller size and have a link that opens a different page and presents it at the much larger size. However, if you choose to go that route you should be aware that by presenting the Captivate movie at the smaller initial size will result in loss of fidelity because it's scaled differently. This can result in Text Captions that are illegible or really odd looking. Stuff like that.


          Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick




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