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    the problems with bookmarks

    a query?

      why is it that bookmarks are not tied to chapter groupings?


      due to this lack, the user is greatly inhibited when using a text for class, business or personal use.  bookmarks kept for reference build up and any frequent use of this function becomes exorbitant and confusing, when it should actually simplify efforts.


      even beyond the lack of chapter groupings, users are unable to manipulate their bookmarks, in that they cannot arrange them as the please, or collect them into chosen categories or folders.


      please address these issues in coming updates if you wish to compete with written texts.  the digital format should be one which frees users of limitations and simplifies tasks, thus is our motivation for perusing it, but if you neglect the practical needs of users, then they will refuse to take this next leap or else another will and you will fall behind competitively.  in the coming updates, i would appreciate it if you would seek to address these oversights, as i am a current user of your product and a student who, in the future, is likely to again use digital texts and must, at that time, again choose the application that i believe is right for me.  i am certain that i am not the only one to notice these apparent issues, but i am confident that they will soon be addressed.  i appreciate the time of any who would read this and if they are fellow users, i encourage them to speak out as well.  i do not think that this is a fundamental flaw, rather that it is a necessary feature which adobe currently lacks and readily, i would hope, should pursue.  again, thank you for your time and for this opportunity to speak.