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    CC Particle World crashing system after clean reinstall

    cowboymustache Level 1

      I was having some issues with my new mac, CS4 was running crashy after a big crash with system that occured when closing out the OS. Apple had me erase and reinstall the operating system. I reinstalled CS4, everything seemed to go smoothly. My after effects project I was working on before the reinstall opened up fine, but when I went to turned off the Live Update switch I got an error message (which i unfortunately did not write down). I restarted the computer, did not get the error message when flipping the live update switch, but I tried to apply cc particle world to a solid and I got the error message "After Effects error: crash occured while invoking effect plug-in "CC Particle World"" and it crashed out of after effects auto saving the file. I tried to apply CC particle world to a solid in a brand new composition, same thing. This is a brand new install with Mac os 10.6.2. I never had this problem before the reinstall. If any one has any advice, please let me know. thanks.