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    Multimedia issues with Acrobat 9




      I have just upgraded to Acrobat 9 on a intel Macpro running leopard and need to create an interactive document with movies links, pop ups etc. The issues I am having is when I place a multimedia box with a weblink to the movie which does plays fine, but when I go to then edit its appearance or change settings it won’t allow me to change anything and strangely when you press the multimedia icon in the menu to be-able to edit the box which holds the movie it then shows properties as a button but I can’t edit anything as they are all greyed out, so I have to delete it each time and create a new movie container which is obviously a waste of time… under Acrobat 8 this worked fine…what am I missing is there a preference I need to change to allow me to edit.


      Also when you place a button link and then go to edit it again it automatically draws another button rather than allowing you to select the existing button on the page, so you have to delete the new one before you edit the others on the page, can I turn this off so when I press the button or hyperlink icon in the toolbar then the links show without having to draw a new one first…again under Acrobat 8 this wasn’t a problem.


      Hope someone can help and many thanks in advance.