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    Presenter PPC File Disappears

      I am an Adobe Presenter V6.0.432 Build 432 user. On numerous occasions when I publish my PowerPoint to Presenter it can not find the .ppc file even though it is in the correct directory. From the resulting pop-up window I Browse to the .ppc file and Presenter still can not find it. My only option is to either pick the delete recordings option, or return to PowerPoint. What is even stranger is that on some occasions Presenter removes the .ppc file from my PC. So in summary the .ppc file is present before publication and after I try to publish Presenter deletes the file.

      Has anyone run into this? If so what is the cause for this strange intermittent behavior?

      Thank you.
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          sean@realeyes.com Level 1
          very weird?! I have never seen this.

          I am thinking this is a procedural issue.
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            bronxbubba Level 1
            The PPC is actually deleted from the C drive. All announcements are gone and all synchronizations are gone. You are left with a just a PowerPoint file. Sometimes I can recover from a backup. The core document came to me from another developer in my company. He used PowerPoint for the slides and Presenter to mock up the questions. He did not have the narrations recorded at the time, so there was no audio. He just sent me the PowerPoint file and not the PPC file.

            I then added all the questions and saved and a PPC file was created. I split the 60 slide presentation into five presentations by doing Save As and deleting all unneeded slides and questions. All went well with this and I had 5 presentations uniquely named with unique ppc files :).

            I added my narrations and all went well initially with the publication process. When I went to make changes to one of the slide decks, I received the can not find the PPC file, even though it was on the drive in the proper location. Pointing to the PPC file did not help. Once I published the file anyhow it deleted the PPC file from my hard drive. This happened more then once so I am quite sure that Presenter deleted the PPC file. So far, I have not experienced this outside of the initial presentation set.
            My recovery has been to re-import the audio and resynchronize, very time consuming. At times the backup PPC and PPT files will work. If I am doing something procedurally wrong please let me know. I have run this past others in my company and they did not believe it was a procedural problem.

            Any help in solving the missing PPC file problem is appreciated. It is odd that sometimes a file will successfully publish and other times I run into the above problem.
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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              My first recommendation is to get Presenter 6.2. Many improvements and bug fixes have been made since 6.0.432.


              Are you publishing locally or to a Connect Server?

              If publishing to a Connect server, check the option of publish source files. This will save a copy of your PPT and PPC file on the server. This is a slick way to backup your work.

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                bronxbubba Level 1
                We publish locally and post it on our proprietary Education server. How does one obtain the patch to reach the new level you reference if we are not hosting with Adobe? It makes sense to be on the latest level within a release and perhaps it will help. Every one of our developers have had issues with this version of differing sorts and it is costing us in productivity.

                I searched Google and could not find a link for the patch. Very odd that Adobe does not provide an auto-update service for Presenter.

                Thank you. I appreciate your help.
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                  sean@realeyes.com Level 1
                  QUOTE: " I then added all the questions and saved and a PPC file was created"

                  When you add just quiz questions, I assume by using the Quiz Manager, PPCs are never created? Are you sure this was the exact method you used?

                  Jorma is not talking about a patch, but rather a new build for Presenter version 6. It sounds as if you have a licensed copy of Presenter, since your using your own web server to run your presentations. Provided you maintenance and support (M&S) is in good standing with Adobe, you are entitled to download this version for free.

                  Adobe does offer an auto-update when you click "manage account" in the Presenter drop-down. If you M&S isn't current, you'll need to work with someone to either get it current (so you can d/l the latest version) or re-purchase Presenter which will ship you the latest version.

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                    bronxbubba Level 1
                    Thank you Sean, I appreciate your clarification of where the Adobe auto-update capability exists.

                    I will contact my management team and have them tell me if we purchased a service contract with our multi-user Presenter License. I guess that is the only way to get an update.

                    Regarding when the PPC was initially produced, I am not sure. It may have been with the first recording. Yes I did use Quiz Manager to produce the questions and they work fine.

                    Again -- I am curious regarding any know issues with PPC files disappearing. Has anyone else experienced this?

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                      I have had Presenter (6.0.432) do this to me on multiple occasions. My only guess is something with quiz questions going crazy. The quiz portion of the PPT / PPC gets out of line for some reason and it has trouble saving, publishing and all the rest. It has been fairly consistent in my experience with PPC files being deleted at either audio editor time or publish time. It is terribly frustrating. I have gone into the quiz manager and deleted the entire quiz to resolve the issue. I also place a spare PPC file in a sub directory just in case it gets deleted!
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                        A number of us in my office have also had this issue of losing the ppc file and audio as described by bronxbubba and Chispas. It's extremely annoying. We are currently using version 6.0.432. We're supposed to have the support agreement, so I'll try upgrading and see if the problem continues. Hopefully Adobe has done something about it.
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                          bronxbubba Level 1
                          Adobe support has accepted my ticket on the disappearing PPC file issue. It is not addressed in any of the update releases per Adobe. They mentioned they will not close the case till the issue is fixed. Adobe support has been good in accepting the problem and in saying it will be worked on.

                          In the mean time some tips:

                          1. Do not do your recording in Presenter. Do them in a separate software program and import into Adobe. This way you have a way to recover if you lose the PPC.

                          2. Backup the PPC file and the PPT file often. This way you can recover from a prior version.

                          Hope this helps. I appreciate everyone's responses and will post when the issue is resolved.
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                            Seems funny that people are suggesting to use a seperate recorder to do this as it defeats the purpose of using presenter and connect. Presenter is suppose to cut down on the time of synching the audio to the slides, you might as well just go back and do this in flash/xml solution pulling in timing and slides.

                            We have the same problem here but we backed up the ppc file before editing it. It deletes the ppc file for some reason even if we tried renaming the ppt and repointing it to the ppc file. Also tried renaming ppt and recording new ppc and then renaming old ppc to this name. Same behavoir, it gets deleted.

                            Upgraded to 6.2 and retried but no such luck.

                            Is there file size or time limitation in presenter? Obviously it can record 6 hours, which I have done but some people on the forum said that there is an upload limitation of 100mb when this gets converted. Is this only in the old breeze or does this still exist?

                            And if it does, shouldn't Adobe point a big yellow yellow! in their guides, documentation, and getting started tutorials?

                            Anyhow, I put in a support ticket with Adobe. I hope this gets fixed.

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                              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                              The 100mb upload limit is still around for Connect. But if you publish locally and then put the presentation on a different server you should not have that problem. However, if you have a Licensed Connect Server I don't think there are any upload size limits except your hard drive.

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                                Yes, I had the same issue. I am using 6.2. Yes it appears that after you modify a quiz architecture such as a button, the PPC file moves the one of the audio files out of order. For me it happened on two separate courses. On both it was the 5th slide (even though it is not a quiz slide) For those who have come across this issue and still have more courses to do, here is something that might work. It appears that the malfunction happens when you open the PPT/PPC and then immediately try to publish. What I did is open the PPT/PPC file, select audio editor, close it and then open "synchronize audio". If I were to guess, by going through these motions the audio location is reinforced into it's proper location. Not sure you have to do both editor and synch, but I did. After I did that I was able to publish 5 additional Presenter files without trouble. Hope this helps!