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    Is all Vector ?


      Hi Guys,


      I am new to illlustrator and using illustrator CS2.

      I was wondering, is all we do in illustrator is vector ? like if I apply brush to stroke or effects from Effects dropdown menu or filters from dropdown menu ?

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          JETalmage Level 6



          Paths that you draw in Illustrator are vector. If you apply "soft fuzzy" effects or transparency effects, they are usually raster image that are generated and re-generated on-the-fly. So the paths to which they are applied can be reshaped or translated, and the raster image of the effect is re-generated. But when it's printed or exported, those portions of the artwork involving or interacting with the effects have to be "flattened" to a raster image.


          like if I apply brush to stroke or effects from Effects dropdown menu or filters from dropdown menu


          It's not as simple as that. Some Filters are just path operations which result in new vector paths. Some Effects (Transform, for example) can be applied to either raster or vector objects (as well as text objects) and do not determine whether the objects are raster or vector; but if they are raster, they will still be raster after applying the effect. Brushes generally do not accept raster images, so their content is vector--unless you thereafter apply transparency or raster effects to them.



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            fireforfirefun Level 1

            Hey thanks,


            Now it all makes sense,but how do I know if an effect results in vector if applied to vector ? I mean the predefined effects in illlustrator

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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              The easiest way is the set the Document Raster Effects setting (Effects menu) very low. If the effect looks pixelated, it’s a raster effect. Raster effects are not identified anywhere in the program, but after a while you’ll figure it out. Everything below the last divider is a raster effect. In Illustrator 14 they are called Photoshop Effects in the menu. Also raster effects: Stylize > Drop Shadow; Feather; Inner Glow; and Outer Glow, and Rasterize. Some SVG filters are raster as well. I suppose there are some third-party raster effects, but I don’t have any of them.

              Another way to tell is to Expand the effect (Object > Expand). If the expanded effect produces a path, then it’s not a raster effect.

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                fireforfirefun Level 1

                Thanks scott and JET

                I will come back if I need to ask.