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    photo scroller question

      Hi - this ones quite comfusing for me as Im not the best at AS - there are three main problems i have with a horizontal photo scroller:
      1. I need to load the photos into the swf externally but without specifically naming the photos to be loaded eg. it doesnt matter what the jpgs are called the swf will load them all from a folder into the scroller. At the moment i have the thumbnail pics named as 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc etc and the large pics named as big1.jpg, big2.jpg etc all sitting in the same folder.
      The code i've got on frame 1 of the movie is the first set of code on the bottom of the message:

      2: When the pics are loaded in the thumbnails and the large pics I need them to auto resize to fit the box they are contained in as I want to use just 1 pic for both.

      3: Finally when the thumbnail buttons are pressed I need the large pics to flow into the boxes in order. So when any thumb is pressed out of sync the big pics will appear in sync. At the moment when the thumb button is pressed all 3 pic boxes are filled with the same pic! The code im using at the minute is attached at the bottom.

      Any input woill be greatly appreciated.