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    Unable to open Adobe Acrobat


      A few days ago, my computer contracted a virus when I was trying to open a PDF at a website I wasn't familiar with (but which McAfee had labeled as 'safe.' McAfee has removed the virus (they say...) and my computer is acting normally. I do not know the name of the virus which McAfee removed.


      However, when I tried to open a PDF recently, I could not get Adobe Acrobat to start. I had a version 6.0 from an installation of the Adobe Creative Suite Premium, so I inserted the CD from that Suite, but got a message that I already had a better version of Adobe Acrobat on the computer, so it aborted the install. Then I went to Adobe's site to download the latest version of Reader (9.3, I believe). I did not uninstall the earlier version. The installation went fine as far as I can tell, but I still cannot get Acrobat to open, whether I click a PDF document to start it or right-click Adobe Reader on the desktop and click Open or Run. When I click Run, I get a pop-up that says "An internal error has occurred." When I click 'OK' in that pop-up, I get another pop-up that says "Adobe has encountered a problem and needs to close."


      That's as far as I can get and I'm just mystified how to proceed from here. Any and all help gratefully received! TIA