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    RegisterDialog.dll is missing


      Hi all,

      I recently formatted my computer and installed Windows 7 64 bit (I had Vista 64, no problems).

      I installed CS4 master, and all went fine...

      Now, when I open some of my Premiere projects (which I made in Vista), and they include After Effects projects inside, it pops up a window saying something like it cannot start After Effects because a RegisterDialog.dll is missing.

      I have searched all over the web, but couldn't find any reference to this error.

      Does anyone knows what does it mean?

      If I open AE alone, or some old AE project - no problem, everything goes fine...



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did you correctly install as admin and run as admin as well? I'm most definitely sure that the files are actually there, but the auxiliary components for DynamicLink may not fire up correctly, because the don't know where each other is or the services can't start due to security restrictions. Check that as well as manually verify your services status and the usual things like DEP and UAC.



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            I had this same problem after reinstalling Premiere. You need to re-instal all of your

            plug-ins. The call to the "registerdialog.dll is for third-party plugins that you used in editing

            /creating objects in AE, and AE is looking for them (such as "Magic Bullet"). Your update to Win 7 may

            have broken the links to those files and re-installing the plug-ins will help AE to see where they are again.