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    unloading shared library


      Hello all,


      Im using a shared library in my application (Export/Import for runtime sharing).


      This is how my application is structured (simple test application):


      I have a main.swf which loads view.swf which uses a asset from a shared library asset.swf.


      The application loads up fine and I see the shared asset. On a key press i unload the view.swf. The unload works fine as well.


      I then replace the view.swf and asset.swf with a different view and asset.


      On another key press I load the view.swf again.


      Result: I see the updated view but the asset is still the old one


      From this I can deduce that even though the view.swf was unloaded the main still holds the refernce to asset.swf.


      My question: is there a way to ensure the shared library is freed?


      Any thoughts on this behaviour?



      Thanks guys.


      Environment: Flash Player 8 and ActionScript 2.0

      (p.s: i can post my fls's/swf's if the question is not that clear. )