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    Horrible video output quality with Premiere Pro CS4 + Adobe Media Encoder


      I am trying to make some changes to a DV format file, and output as the same DV format. When the video is brought into Premiere, it looks crisp in the left-hand video box. But, when playing it on the right window and when encoding it, it comes out as a mess with substantial compression artifacts.


      What confuses me is, I have experimented with a lot of codecs--even uncompressed AVI. There is no change in the video resolution--source is 720x480, as is output. I am keeping all the pixel aspect ratios the same as the source footage.


      What is creating this distortion? I have no scaling of the video whatsoever in the sequence...


      Is there some compression box I'm not seeing here?


      I've attached a screenshot of a still from the video. As you can see, substantial artifacting around the lettering, making the text unreadable.