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    trouble importing swf files


      I would like to embed a .swf file into my catalyst project, but everytime I import a file catalyst crashes if I try to modify or reposition the file. I have tried runing the project just to see if the swf is visable, but get a message saying that there is an error in the code. I am not great at coding anything. I know a bit about HTML and CSS, and am completely stuck with this one.


      I have gone to the code screen and this is the error that shows up:


      java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOrBoundsException: -14473


      Resource = Main.mxml

      Path = photohome_Vfx/src

      Location = Unknown

      Type = Flex Problem


      I have tried importing several different files, but always get the same results. The files are all photo galleries that were generated using Slideshow Pro and Flash CS3. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Finook Level 1

          Hey there,


          I use SSP in Catalyst projects. I may not have the answer you're after. But I might be able to offer clues to the solution by showing you what I have that's enabled me to use SSP + Catalyst successfully. I've installed the most up-to-date SSP version. My images are hosted by director. I don't host them on my server.


          I open Flash and choose Action Script 3. Then I do all the other stuff you know about. I hit publish and save the .flv, .html, and .swf files on my server. I save them in a directory that holds both SSP files and the Catalyst folders. You know, the ones Catalyst publishes when you hit save to Web.


          For Catalyst I use Beta 2. A clean install after removing and deleting Beta 1. I simly make a catalyst file and then hit import media type .swf file. And voila.


          Then I publish to Web and when I do this I choose to publish all the Catalyst files into the directory that will get put to the server. Then I go to the server and delete the folder that says "run local." I don't need that on the Web.


          If I had an overall suggestion It would be to save your Catalyst projects. Delete Catalyst entirely and re-install it. Then delete SSP and re-install it. This shouldn't take more than 15 minutes of your time. After that...reflect, repent and reboot.






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            lnlecorgne Level 1

            I reinstalled everything, and still no luck. Catalyst will import the file, but crashes as soon as I try to reposition it. When I try to run the project without repositioning teh swf asset I still get a message telling me there is an error in the code.

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              lnlecorgne Level 1



              I reinstalled and updated everything - including Flash CS4. Then I rebuilt my Slideshow Pro galleries from scratch with Flash CS4. Now I can import the swf to catalyst and run my project. A step in the right direction I suppose...


              However, when I try to run the Catalyst project, all I get is a grey screen with a preloader spinning around where my photos are supposed to be. I assume that something is up with the path direction. I have an index.xml file along with my gallery folder/image files in the same folder as the Catalyst project and the SSP swf etc... The SSP file previews fine in Flash CS4, but can't seem to find the photos once I import it to the Catalyst project... Any sugestions on this one?

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                Where you able to figure that out? I seem to be in the same place that you were.

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                  Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                  Catalyst does not copy any additional files besides the imported swf, so if your gallery is loading external images, you will have to manually place them in the correct directory.


                  If you are previewing, look in the address bar to see where the project files are placed for preview. You will have to place your external files in whatever relative location your .swf is expecting.


                  If you are publishing, place the files relative to the .swf in the published location (run-local for previewing on your local machine, and deploy-to-web for when you post to a server).



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                    cexxxarparolo Level 1

                    Nice, that actually worked!  Thanks.