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    Export Timeline clip into After Effects


      Hi there, is there a way to export an edited clip on the timeline in Premiere Elements 8 to After Effects CS4 - add a special effect and then it will automatically be placed back in to PE8 when you've finished?


      If this is not possible maybe this feature could be added in PE9 along with Plugins?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That is a feature of Premiere Pro CS4.


          Since Premiere Elements is part of the Elements suite and not a part of the Creative Suite of programs, you can not do this with Premiere Elements and I would not expect you to do it in any future version.


          However, you can certainly use Share/Personal Computer/AVI to export your video as a DV-AVI, then import that AVI into After Effects, add your effects, export it as a DV-AVI from After Effects and import that AVI into Premiere Elements.


          That will work. But you can't port an unrendered timeline to After Effects and back, as you can with Premiere Pro.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is the Feature Request form.


            As Steve says, Adobe Dynamic Link is part of the various Creative Suites, and allows flow between programs such as PrPro, AE and Encore. It is ONLY available with the full suites, and not if one has bought the stand-alone programs (PrPro and AE in this case, as Encore is now bundled with PrPro).


            Remember also, the Creative Suites cost $1,000's, and PrE about $100. There is a major difference between these programs, so I would not expect to see a Creative Suite with PrE and AE and Adobe Dynamic Link.


            Steve's suggestion to Export/Share, Import into AE, then Export for Import back into PrE is about the best way to do it. Were I using such a workflow, I would explore using the Lagarith Lossless CODEC for the transfer files.


            Good luck,



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