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    isolation mode

    Rehan ali Level 1

      hi when i cut and paste any object in group (my group contains drop shadow) by double clicking group and then paste,  the drop shawdow apply to this object i want no drop shadow to this object which i cut paste in this group , how to do

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          Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

          Since your drop shadow is apply at the Group Level, any object you paste inside that group will get a drop shadow.


          You should paste in front of the group and create another group with this object and the group with the shadow if you want to move them together.

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            You should also be able to remove the drop shadow from an object if you can't get anything else to work (go to the Appearances window and select the object you want to remove the shadow from, drag the "fx drop shadow" to the trash can icon on the Appearances window).