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    Letterboxing with widescreen source - CS4

    The dog's bollox

      I am using Premiere CS4 and I have an issue/problem (?) with the output from Media Encoder. The project is PAL widescreen.


      I exported the timeline and selected "Microsoft AVI" codec. The resultant video shows perfectly in Windows Media Player, 16:9 aspect ratio. If I play the same avi file in Real player I get the video 4:3 letterboxed. The same results with any other compression; flv, f4v wmv etc.


      Also, when I embed an flv video into Flash (CS4) I still get the 4:3 letterboxed result.


      Not sure if this is a Premiere problem or Flash problem.


      Any help appreciated.




      Note: The original footage was shot on a Sony TRV-950 camcorder in 16:9 mode. Not sure if the black bands top and bottom were recorded by the camcorder and Premiere (and Windows Medi Player) recognises this and cuts them off. Whilst Flash doesn't.