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    Content not visible in RH

    TMSpats2 Level 1

      This is the strangest thing....


      I am using RH 7 for HTML. I have one topic that is driving me nuts.  When I open the topic in RH, the page appears to be blank; however, when I press Ctrl+W, it looks just fine.  I looked at the code and it doesn't seem to have code for the page. It just appears to have a space in the Body.  I have tried to View Source and then copy the code and replace what is there with a paste, but nothing seems to change. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


      Also, RH seems to be putting weird code in my content.  I have never had this problem before.  It replaces content where I use a dash or quote with the actual HTML code in Design view, not just in HTML view.  It does not do it on every page, just on pages here and there.  It actually prints that way and also displays that was in the compiled Help.


      It seems that I am having more and more issues with RH.


      Any Help would be appreciated.


      Thank you.