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    bug in StringValidator ??


      Hi, i think i found a serious problem.


      I have 2 form items and 2 validators, the form items are TextInput.


                  <mx:FormItem label="Nombre completo:" required="true">
                      <mx:TextInput id="nombreTextInput"/>
                  <mx:FormItem label="Documento de identidad: " required="true">
                      <mx:TextInput id="documentoIdTextInput"/>


      I made validations for them...


      <mx:StringValidator id="nombreValidator" source="{nombreTextInput}" property="text" requiredFieldError="This field cannot be blank" />
      <mx:StringValidator id="documentoIdValidator" source="{documentoIdTextInput}" property="text" requiredFieldError="This field cannot be blank" />


      So if i focus on documentoId and then press TAB it show me red with the error : "This field cannot be blank" ... my custom error.

      But if i start from the first field.. nombre and leave it blank and then press tab, focus on the documento and press tab.. it shows me the default error: This field is required.


      I dont want that default error ¬¬ ... cause my  app is in spanish and im going to add spanish errors... lol , is this a bug ??

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          mandriluy Level 1

          I reply to my self.. i solve the problem and it was not a bug, thing was i had another validator for same field without the requiredFieldError property so it uses that somehow when it triggers the error and i solve it adding the same message to the other validator.