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    PE3: Experiencing total frustration - "Help"


      I have a bunch of projects that I started a few weeks ago and have got nowhere. Keep going away from the problems and coming back to them.


      Have posted 2 topics on the forums recently and did not resolve the issues ie: "Audio & Video out of synch on imported V.O.B.files" and "4:3 footage shows black & white on RH side"   Persevered but to no avail.


      Have been using PE3 all OK up to now, but something didn't quite seem to be running right. The "File, Edit etc toolbar at the top wasn't appearing correct.It was blank white without filling in the grey background and words. I got over this by dragging over the area with the mouse and it then slowly filled in the blanks.


      After the 4:3 footage problem, I thought that an uninstall & re-install might help and to start all over again with freshly imported footage.

      After doing this (Using Windows Add/Remove programs I removed the PE3 programme & PE Templates and did not keep the project presets when prompted)

      After re-installation I imported new footage from the DV camcorder. When I went to render the timeline the folowing error message appeared: "VIDEO PREVIEW ERROR - Error Compiling Movie - I/O error". And so hit a brick wall again.


      I got no Encoder Activation prompt after re-install & I don't need to have to re-register the program again do I ? (I presume these are both one time only)

      Also I re-installed the programme into the NEW NAME user account as before but under a different folder name for easier identification). Before uninstall I deleted the PE3 folder containing the PE projects, AVI files etc.


      After the re-install and again getting the Timeline error message, I did a further un/re-install but the message again appeared (and this time I downloaded and applied the PE3.0.2 patch which I did not use before).

      I read the topic in Adobe Premiere troubleshooting about doing a complete uninstall but it seems very messy & complicated especially the part about messing around in the registry files.


      Thought then about upgrading to PE8 at this point, but wasn't very impressed with the user reviews & apparent bugs. I just want something I can just get on with ASAP but without have a whole bunch of new problems to deal with.


      My questions are:


      1) Can anyone see where it's all gone wrong


      2) What is the best & easiest way to do "complete" un/re-install. (I want to start with a clean blank canvas & don't want any old conflicting PE3 files  kicking about in the background etc.

      Is it better to use something like "TOTAL UNINSTALL" to do the job instead of using the Windows Add/Remove programmes tool.


      3) If you think upgrading is a good way to go, I can get something like PE6 cheaper.

      Also if you think that I should upgrade, I would prefer to use the PE8 as a trial version first.


      4) What do you need to do if you have already have/had an existing PE program installed before installing an upgraded trial version.


      5) Finally, remember that I have got used to & been quite happy with PE3 up to now. (Or is there a better version with less glitches & problems) "After all, I only want to get on with my projects and not do battle all the time" ! !


      Any help & comments would be most appreciated.  

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I would not upgrade unless there are some specific new features that I felt I needed. You will not see improved program performance by simply buying a newer version of the program. Especially if you're editing from miniDV.


          Uninstalling the program using its uninstall file is exactly the same as using Windows Add/Remove programs. Be sure to select Remove Preferences when you uninstall.


          If you're afraid the uninstall is not getting all of your files, there are a couple of other things you can do manually. Like remove (or rename) these folders:






          You can also use a program like EasyCleaner to clean your registry.


          Then, before you reinstall, go to Windows Update and click Custom and ensure you have even the non-critical updates. (I'm assuming you're using XP. If you're using Vista, just go to Windows Update and get all of the non-critical updates.) Also ensure you have the latest Quicktime from Apple.


          And it wouldn't hurt to re-register the program. Adobe has introduced a new registration system in the past couple of years, and registering online ensures that the program and Adobe communicate with each other. Which is mostly a good thing.


          And speaking of Adobe, version 3 is, as I'm sure you aware, the only version of the program that actually had an update released. The 3.02 patch not only made the program Vista compatible but also tuned up a few things. You do want to ensure you have it installed also.


          If after all that you're still having problems editing miniDV, you may need to dig deeper into your system. There's something going on that runs much deeper than this program. (You do have plenty [30-50 gigs] of free, defragmented hard drive space, for instance, right?)

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            Ampfy Level 1

            Thanks for the advice Steve.


            I've done everything (except check the register with EasyClean)


            Have the latest Quicktime installed, deleted PE3 files before uninstall, updated Windows components (hardware & software).

            Un/re-installed PE3 & PE3.02 patch, re-registered PE3, rebooted PC, activated encoder on prompt, have ample defragmented space on the hard disk.


            Unfortunately, am still getting error message: Video Preview Error  - Error Compiling Movie - I/O Error.


            I am running on XP. Any further suggestions would really help.




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You did say you were capturing miniDV over a FireWire connection, right?


              If so, see if your captured video works in Windows MovieMaker -- just to make sure it's not the clips that are corrupt.


              Can you tell us more about the exact circumstances of this message? Are you getting it while editing, adding media -- or just when you start up the program?



              Never mind. I see that you say it happens when you try to render the timeline.


              How much free, defragmented space is on your C drive?

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                Ampfy Level 1

                Yes I am capturing my MiniDV by firewire.


                I have 176Gb of free space on my C drive and 200Gb free space on my E drive.


                All programs are located on the C drive and My Docs (which includes the PE3 projects is stored on the E drive)

                My Docs is copied & backed up daily to the C drive daily using FileBack PC.


                Before I did the un/re-install process I deleted the P3 files suggested in both the C & E drives. (D & F drives are my CD/DVD drives)

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry, Ampfy. I know of no reason this should be happening.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Have you installed either a CODEC pack with FFDShow, or FFDShow by itself. Similar has happened with many, when they installed FFDShow. Could this be an issue?


                    Also, preview is very heavily dependent on your video driver. You say that you are updated, but is that the very latest update? This is VERY important.


                    Good luck,



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                      Ampfy Level 1

                      Thanks Bill & Steve for the further advice. (I am on GMT, so you are at least 5hrs behind my time)


                      First I do not know what FFDshow is. I have not intentionally got it on my PC unless it is part of some other program ?


                      Secondly, I do not know if my video driver is of the latest update, but I will look into this. (it might take me a couple of days to get back to this, as I have to be elsewhere)


                      Thank you for your support to date.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        FFDShow is a playback module that can be installed by itself, or as part of a CODEC "pack." One popular pack, K-Lite installs this.


                        You can go to Start>Run and type MSCONFIG into the dialog box. This will bring up a tabbed dialog box. I'd look down the list of programs & Processes under the Start/Startup tab (on XP-Pro, farthest to the right), and look for FFDShow. When it is installed, and invoked, it usually also pops up in your taskbar. It has been responsible for a lot of display problems with Adobe products. As of PrPro 1.0 (do not know at which point in the lineup of PrE), Adobe moved from using DirectShow as a preview/playback engine. Since that point, FFDShow has been a problem. Most users do not even know that it is installed, as it came as part of a "pack."


                        Good luck, and do report on the video driver. Those are very important in any NLE (Non Linear Editor), as these programs work more closely with them. Users are lulled into a false sense of security, because WMP, or similar, players will play video fine. Unfortunately, there is a great difference between playing an AV file, and editing it.



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                          Ampfy Level 1

                          Hi Bill,


                          Thanks for the further info.

                          I will keep you posted on developments.



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                            nealeh Level 5

                            Do you have Nero installed? If so uninstall it, restart the machine and see if the problem goes away.


                            If it is an OEM version preinstalled, before uninstalling it:

                            • make sure you have the source files so you can reinstall it afterwards.
                            • make a note of the serial number before uninstalling it (the Nero website has a small program that will tell you the serial number. It's also in the registry).


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