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    Connecting Components

    Michael Gannon Level 1

      Is there a way to have a button in one component control the state of a separate component?

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          2sidesdesign Level 1

          Check out "Action Sequences" ; I think that might be what you're looking for

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            Michael Gannon Level 1

            I'm not a web guy so this is all very new to me. I did play around with action sequences last night but I wasn't able to figure it out how to build my side bar as an action sequence. I could really use a tutorial on setting up action sequences but like other have posted there isn't much out there. The only thing I was able to do was rebuild the two separate custom components as one component. It took several more states than the way I had it set up before and a whole lot more "when in state... go to state..." blah blah blah that I had to try and make sense of which was quite a pain. if you check out my site below you can see the side bar and what I'm trying to do. if you go to image 5 you'll see the side bar that slides out with the thumbnail images. I had originally set up that side bar set up as a custom component with the expanded and collapsed states and the main image area set up as a custom component with 4 states, (the before and after images of both the full and zoomed images). I was hoping to have the thumbnail buttons in the side bar tell the main image which state to switch to but since they were a part of the side bar custom component I could only transition to sidebar states. If that makes sense. The way I have it set up now (all one component) with expanded and collapsed versions of the side bar for each of the 4 images (8 states total) is working but very confusing to figure out transitions and I think it's probably making my site load slower than it needs too.


            here is my site.