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    Frequent insertion of [”r;text”] where I entered ["text"]


      I am using RH7.  With annoying frequency I find [”r;text”] where I entered ["text"], like so:

      zzQuote Error.gif

      The replacement string has backward quotes as seen in my subject line.  Copy and paste, for some reason, does not bring them in here.  I have continually fixed manually, only to have them come back.  I have done a multi-file search and replace.  And they still return.


      I can find no pattern.

      • Usually, all quotes in a topic have been replaced if any have, but not always. 
      • I have two RH projects, and it happens in both.
      • It does not seem to affect topics based on when I last edited them.
      • It is not related to building the .CHM file. 
      • I had used RH7 for a number of months without the difficulty.  I only began seeing it after I reinstalled on a new computer, although I don't know if it  is related since I have no idea how long it had been happening before I noticed.


      Why is this, and what do I do about it?