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    Creating a CD-Rom brochure

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      My current website is in Flash I would like to create a CD-ROM capabilities brochure to hand to clients at meetings. I would like it to be a version of my current website. Do I need to do it in Director? Can I just import my current flash site into Director?
      I have never used Director will it give the CD-ROM a little more OOOMPH?

      Thanks so much.
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          No. You don't need to use Director. When in Flash, go under File and down to Publish Settings... From there select Window Projector and/or Mac Projector. This will embed the Flash player into your project. The projector file can now be distributed on CD and load as an application. I'm not sure about Vista but on the previous Windows OS's you could have the app auto load when the CD in put into the drive. This is not an option on the current Mac platform. Just make sure you include a projector file for both platforms unless your sure that your audience is platform specific.