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    Wireframes when I move an object ?

    TynanW Level 1

      Hi there


      I am sure this is a basic one for those who know . . . . . . ?


      When I move an object in the composition - instead of seeing the object move (a PSD file, Quicktime movie, solid . . . etc etc . . . ) I just get a wireframe until I release the mouse (at which stage it pops back to being an image).


      I have not changed any settings and AE has just started doing this ?


      Anyone have any ideas how to get it back to showing the object I am moving rather than a wireframe ?




      Here's my settings . . . .



      OpenGL - Interactive


      Enable OpenGL - checked

      Enable Adaptive Resolition with OpenGL - checked

      Accelerate Effects Using OpenGL (when possible) - checked




      Cheers for any help !