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    "P2 directory structure" ?



      I see from several posts online that, when moving a project, it's best to copy the "P2 directory structure", instead of copy/pasting the individual files.  I thought I copied everything I needed from the original PC onto my external drive..

      I edited a project on a family member's computer in one country & now I'm home... on another contintent!   This is the error I'm getting for some video clips.... "The selected file canot be linked because it has 2 audio channel(s) and the clip was created with 1 audio channel(s)." The clips are already in my timeline & chopped up, so it may be quite challenging to remove them from the timeline to change the audio properties of the clips in the Project Panel.


      Someone told me to search for a folder called CONTENTS which contains AUDIO, CLIP,ICON,PROXY,VIDEO, VOICE.  So, I did this using GoToMyPC... and, nothing. (?)

      Some other things related to those filenames come up.  For example, when I do a search for Audio, things like:
      audifilters.dll  &  audiorenderer.dll  come up under Adobe Premiere Pro CS3  (C:/program files/adobe) -- and there's some other stuff related to audio that comes up under:  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS3\MediaIO\presets\system\it_it

      Is any of this related to the P2 directory structure?

      Any other tips on how to locate/copy a P2 directory structure (or any work-arounds) are greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks!!

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          shooternz Level 6

          The entire P2 structure is contained in a Folder -  "Contents"


          This contains sub folders AUDIO, CLIP,ICON,PROXY,VIDEO, VOICE which contain all the media etc you require.  They also contains an important txt file.

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            Amengual Level 1


            Thanks for your reply, shooternz.  I had already connected to the original pc via GoToMyPC & searched for Contents and also AUDIO, CLIP,ICON,PROXY,VIDEO, VOICE -- and nothing appropriate to Premiere came up in the search returns.  (Probably not, but) is it possible that different Windows operating systems save these items under different names?  Is there a usual spot that Premiere puts these items, so I can look there directly?

            Is having these items the ONLY way to make my project work properly on my current machine?


            Many thanks,


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